CHICWISH Offers Advice for The Top Accessories for Fall


November 14, 2021

CHICWISH Offers Advice for The Top Accessories for Fall

Accessories are often overlooked, but they really should be a staple of your wardrobe.

Accessories are often overlooked, but they really should be a staple of your wardrobe. They are usually inexpensive and can completely change the look of an outfit. The fashion retailer CHICWISH is here with the best accessories for fall.

The Snood

A Snood is a hat or cloth designed to cover and hold your hair. It’s perfect for bad hair days and keeping you warm in cool temps. There’s nothing more irritating than dealing with a hood and a head of hair. You pull the hood up and have to move your hair around. You pull the hood off, and your hair is a disaster. A snood solves these hat hair issues.

Flowing Mask

Masks have become a necessary evil, as well as a fashion statement. The simple patterned masks of summer are giving way to something more elegant.

A flowing mask looks similar to a scarf with a long scarf train. In addition to looking great, it can keep your face and neck toasty when the wind blows.

CHICWISH says you should look for light materials and floral patterns to wear the trend.

Hanging Earrings

Hanging earrings are in again. They can dress up any outfit and add more visual interest. Best of all, they are a great way to show your personal style.

Nature-inspired gold is prominent this season. Gold leaves are trendy. You’ll also find gold and pearl designs and sparkly chandelier earrings.

Cozy Sandals

We all love wearing our cozy sandals around the house, but now the trend has extended to wearing them out as well. They are padded and oversized. For the ultimate style and comfort, choose a sandal with a Sherpa lining and knitted thong upper.

Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces are another jewelry trend for fall. The length can flatter nearly anybody and face shape, and it adds extra visual interest without appearing gaudy or overdone.

Chains that contrast each other are very popular. Pair gold with pearls or a chain link chain with a herringbone or round chain.

Knee High Boots

CHICWISH goes on to say that knee-high boots are back in style with a vengeance. It’s the footwear of the season, at least when you are wearing a mini skirt.

Choose a black or brown leather boot that fits nicely around the legs for a trendy smoky look.

Vintage Style Rings

Vintage-style rings are in as well. Oversized candy-style rings are popular and made quite the statement during the summer. However, simple pieces are in as well.

Stacking is still a big trend as well. Choose a large monochrome ring or a few dainty rings stacked together to wear this trend.


CHICWISH is bringing fashion to the younger generation. It’s affordable, stylish, and unique, thanks to your independent designers. Find your perfect look at CHICWISH today.